Student Blogging Challenge No.2 -
This week your challenge is to create an avatar for your blog. The full directions are here. Many of you have created a Simpson themed avatar like I did on the right. You can also use one of these websites to create an avatar.
Any age can use these avatar sites:
From abi-station:
Once you have your avatar email a picture of it to me and I will make a movie of all of them together. You have until Thursday to email it to me.

You also have to:
'In a post, please answer this question: When do you think it is appropriate for students to use real photos of themselves on their blogs and why? See if you can research this on the net and find responses from other educators. Remember to link to their post if you use information they mentioned. Hyperlink as well to this challenge post, so I can read your answers.'

In your blog you should also hyperlink to the student challenge blog as well!
3/6/2010 19:35:14

i alredy have a avatar on my website so there wont beany problem there

3/9/2010 15:56:58

Hi, I hope you have a great time creating your avatars. My class laughed and laughed today when we created ours. Please visit our site, watch our video, and laugh with us!

3/11/2010 21:33:48

I really liked making crazy avatars.

3/28/2010 23:35:03

I really like making avatars!

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