Sports Day Tomorrow -
Go the blue dragons!

Tomorrow is sports day. We will be dressing up in blue and our chant is available from your voicethread accounts. Well done to the group who set that up today! You must bring a packed lunch, water bottle, sun hat and sun tan cream. We will leave school in the morning but we will not be coming back in the afternoon. You don't need to bring anything too school apart from what I mentioned above. The spelling test will be next Monday, and next week there will be no spelling test. We will use that time to work on our blogs and stories.

Scribes and the exhibition
If you have been a scribe visit the notes that you took and look at them for any spelling errors. You can also ask someone else to help you do that too! The process page from today is under its date the 4th of March.
3/3/2010 21:37:37

the chant is in my website and your voicethread account see ya


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