Reading Response Journals -
Well done to everyone who gave their reading response journal in on time. I am still waiting for some of you to give them to me. I have placed all names on this timetable if your name is in the right hand column then I haven't received your reading journal yet. These are due tomorrow at the latest! Come and speak to me if you have a problem with the journal. The days when your journal is due in is written on this timetable.

A big well done to Sidhonie who was the first student to have their article ready for the newsletter. She even created a special newletter design and included photos. If you design your own newsletter we cab include it in your E-portfolio. Because the newsletter was really full this week we will be bringing out a special student issue very soon. Keep your eyes peeled to the web site to see the issue when it appears.

Bring your photos in tomorrow, we will need then for your E-Portfolios!
9/9/2009 23:00:11

Thanks for telling us to bring in the pictures. I'm sure I would have forgoton ;) I can't wait to work on our E-portfolios, they're sooo much fun!

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