Making a condor lesson -
Condor Lesson
The condor lesson has been posted to our lesson ideas section and here. You can also access it via your voicethread account. Log into your voicethread account to see it there.

Hong Kong Library Card
Next week we will be starting our new unit. This unit will be very research intensive. To help you do this you will need to join the Hong Kong library. You will be asked to bring in books from the library in two weeks time. Ask your parents to take you and help you join. Bring your card into class next week to show me.

Your Lessons
Today you were given your summative assessment which is to teach your own lesson. We will be filling in the planning sheet tomorrow. Tonight you need to think about what you want to teach some of your classmates.

Literacy Groups
Each of your groups decided on how much you should read tonight. Remember to read the book and bring it back tomorrow. You should also fill in any words you don't know into the book you were using today.

11/4/2009 19:42:09

we'll be doing soooooo much next week!!! Is that good or bad????

11/4/2009 21:49:58

in same time is good ad bad it i think

11/9/2009 09:54:04

I can't wait!

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