ISA Testing


ISA Testing
A big well done to all of the students for their great attitude towards the ISA tests over the last two days. The students undertook around 3 to 4 hours of testing and managed to stay focused and on task the whole time, and all of this with commitment! Well done! The tests are marked independently and I will let everyone know once the tests results have arrived.

Due to the tests the only homework this week is the RRJ and reading log. Also students are invited to email me with a heading and a written by for our G5 Who We Are poems that we finished today. These will be shared with our community in the next couple of days.

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10/5/2009 09:45:02 pm

that was long and annoying

woohooo im the first one to write again

10/6/2009 03:56:06 pm

I liked the reading part. And the math part was ok too, but I didn't really like the mistake piece we had to write..

I'm the second person 2 write!

10/11/2009 08:15:56 pm

i thought that all of the isa tests were really long. it's good that we only do it once every 2 years

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