Art Lesson
Today we had a double lesson focusing on art and our unit I Believe with Ms Rachel visiting the Grade 5 classrooms. We spent time looking at different types of adornment and selected a type of adornment to focus on and research. Each group has a stixy area to coordinate their group research. We will get together on Friday to research in our groups. By Friday you should have answered at least two questions. You should keep all information in your stixy site which you can get to through Lesson Ideas above.

Any photos that you use should also have a note attached to them with their location. You must record where you collect your resources from.

Today write a blog post about this lesson and include the questions that you have.

Sikh Temple
Tomorrow we are visiting the Sikh temple. You will need to bring something to cover your hair. If you haven't done so please make sure you give Sally your 20 HKD in the morning.
Bryn looks at different adornment photos
Well done to Alice and Ellen who have already added all this information to their stixy site.

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