Half Day Friday


Today it was announced that this Friday is a half day. Students will finish at 12.30.

Class Blog
A special well done this weekend to Astrid who wrote a great blog entry about her party this weekend. Read the class blog to hear all about it!

Research Project
Today we started our comparative essays. Students should be researching about the area thy have chosen all week. This will make a big difference when we come to write the essay after the break. The more information you find the better! Use your stixy to collec

I have been meeting with students this week to discuss their homework assignments. If you have any concerns about how they are doing please contact e via email. We have been focusing on spellings, R.R.J., blog posts and mathematics. In the coming weeks students will be asked to work on more U.O.I. work independently.
12/6/2009 04:52:30 pm

I am so glad that Friday is a half day!
And I really like doing the research essay project!

12/6/2009 05:23:59 pm

I like half days, but I dont really like the essay activity.

12/6/2009 07:08:26 pm

Go half Day Go Half Day people of 5AB go on the home page and go to the Coultural food Fes Map and see me on their Also add uorself to the map!!!

12/6/2009 08:41:15 pm

How come it is half day is it this friday

12/6/2009 09:07:51 pm

I am so happy it's half day on Friday but I think I am going to have a hard time on the essay thing

12/9/2009 11:09:25 am

Why do we have to do an essay

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