Dear Parents,
today I took some time to review and explain the process of course selections available to your grade 5 students as they prepare for grade 6. Students 'should' , then, come home with a nice 'orange' hard copy version of the attachment above tonight.
While we do try to give students a little choice when they enter the middle school, this is within the parameters of the MYP, and should very much be a family decision.

I believe that the attached letter does outline the option choices adequately, and hopefully, your children had some additional questions answered this morning. Should you have any further questions please feel free to contact me, or Mr McKinney/Mr Birch to clarify requirements.

Ultimately, 6 choices need to be made - numbered 1 (most preferred) through to 6 (least preferred) out of the 8 options shown. While students can do a maximum of 4, we ask you to highlight 6 choices so that, should we have scheduling clashes with choices, or inadequate numbers to run a course, we can look to your child's next option.

Please ensure that all course choice forms are passed back in to Grade 5 teachers by no later than Wednesday 26th May. The individual schedules for students, teachers and classes take considerable time to work out, so we ask that you adhere to this timeframe.


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