First Friday


The first two days went by very quickly, but I have been impressed with the positive attitudes everyone has brought to the class. If you haven't finished the student survey you can fill it in at home, or I can give you time next week.

We also need to name our class dog. Click on the link on the top right to name it. You only get three choices!! We will choose it next week. We can either draw the name from a hat or choose our favourite name as a class, it's up to you.

There is a hidden game in this website today. It is there, you just have to look for it. It will be a blue link called 'hidden game'. I will introduce you to some games this year that will engage your mind and help you to solve puzzles. Remember not to spend too long on the computer though, you should have a balanced lifestyle!! If you want to submit your highest level to the leader board you will have to take a picture of your screen and email it to me.

Don't forget your instruments on Monday!

Have a great weekend!
8/20/2009 06:12:19 pm

thanks for the reminder to bring my instrument.

8/23/2009 09:49:57 am

I hope I'll remember my instrument!

8/31/2009 07:01:04 pm

8/31/2009 07:02:10 pm

DJ is awesome nice website youve got there coooooooooooool

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