Dear Parents and Students,
During the Back to School evening and in class today I spoke about expectations and homework. All of these you can look at by clicking on home on the top left of this page.  Please take some time to read through the presentation together this evening to make sure that you understand what is expected and when these things are due. This would be a good time to talk about the homework diary and how to organize homework time. Remember students, I will turn off the homework page every so often! You must be prepared for this by constantly filling in your homework diary. This is an important organizational skill, and I'm sure your parents can show many to do lists that they create, just like your homework diary.

Parents please take a moment to fill in the survey here.

I have also put a copy of the Communities booklet here, so parents can look at it to see what students need to do. Ask your child to bring it home this week to see what they have done. Their group should also be using the stixy site to organize these. Community groups need to know where, when and how for their community. They also need to have asked all the relevant people, like you their parents!

Well done to Oscar, Ella, Phoebe and Matthew who independently gave me their spelling books today. I hope to see the books of those not named tomorrow.

Next week we have an assembly this is when the students will be presenting their community to the school. By then they should have all of the details of their community worked out.

I hope after the meeting and presentation everybody has a clearer understanding of expectations. Homework should be for around 1 and a half hours Monday to Thursday. This includes 30 minutes of reading. If you (students or parents) have issues with homework email me or use the contact area above.

Yours sincerely,

9/16/2009 06:11:33 pm

The survey is kind of like the other one.

9/16/2009 08:32:03 pm

The survey is very similar, but after 1 month of me getting to know you, and your parents seeing your education their ideas may change, 1 month is a long time and it is always important to find out what people are thinking.

9/21/2009 10:02:53 pm

This has nothing to do with the survey but I found a awsome math game site that people could go on, there is also comics and books to read and ect. I think others will like it.
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