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Exhibition Reflection:


Reflect on the Exhibition Presentation that your group did in the gym last week.


You will need at least:


  • 3 pictures, with captions
  • 1 movie, with a short description
  • 3 paragraphs:
    • 1 about what your group did well during the presentation
    • 1 about what you did well as an individual during the presentation
    • 1 about what you could do better next time you have a project like this

We will come up with some questions that will help guide your reflection. BRAINSTORM.


After you have done the above, post it on your blog and Make a movie


Choose a computer that will have your video on. Using the movies and photos you can create your own movie:


  • You will need to add in a voice over
  • You will need to use the Ken Burns effect
  • You should include a full title and credit list (get together with a partner to talk about what should be included in your title and credit list)
  • Any music must be creative commons music. Here is a great website

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