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In the exhibition some groups talked about how we can cut down on our transport pollution and electricity and plastic use. You all have a good understanding of that but remember taking action to reduce, reuse or recycle is what we were aiming for. One consequence of our dependence on oil is possible major pollution problems like the one that is happening in the Gulf of Mexico at the moment. With modern technology we can actually  see the leak one mile under the sea.
5/30/2010 23:15:09

That is terrible. Why don't they try to stop the leak. If they have tried I think they should try again because hundreds of animals are dieing. The gallons a not coming to a stop and I think someone should take action on it at once because a lot of sea creatures are becoming more extinct by the minute. I am going to see who did this. If you know, Andy please tell me. Also how did this happen. I'll see if I can find out.

6/1/2010 23:38:11

I agree with Dawson, that is terrible. I just can't believe that people are not taking action to stop this awful problem! I have done some research, and I found this great website about transport pollution in Tasmania, Australia which you can access if you click on my name. You can visit it if you want, it gives a lot of great information.

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