Door Competition and Literacy Week -
Next week our literacy week starts.

Wednesday 10th March
Pajama Day
Thursday 11th March
Poem in your pocket
Monday 14th / Tuesday 15th
Book Fair
Wednesday 16th
Book Assembly
Activity Morning

Writing our won stories
Door competition

One of the competitions is to make a door display of a book that we select. So what book do you think we should select in 5AB? Add your choice by Monday in the comments below. I will then create an online poll for us to vote on which book we would like to have.

A group of students will be chosen to work on the door on Monday afternoon and Tuesday during comprehension and reading group time. If you want to be one of those students add your name to the comments saying that you would like to be considered to make the door display.

3/7/2010 17:22:46

I would like to chose Diary of a wimpy kid! EVERY ONE! EVEN YOU THERE! CHOSE IT PLEASE! PLEASE!

3/7/2010 17:25:07


3/7/2010 17:55:35

Diary of a wimpy kid, by far!

3/7/2010 18:13:38

A Dirty Story

Ella Carlsson
3/7/2010 18:15:10

I would like A dirty Story I would also like to be in the design team

3/7/2010 18:16:13

A dirty story PLEASE

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