Cultural Food Festival -
Food Festival
This Wednesday is the HKA cultural food festival. Everything gets underway with a parade at 9.45 in the HS gym. We hope to see students dressed in clothes representing their country.

11/29/2009 19:40:11

Can't wait!

11/29/2009 20:34:40

I am so eating the Belgian wafles!
I am bringing strawberries dipped in Belgian chocolate. Mmmm....

11/29/2009 20:37:57

I can't wait to eat some of the food my mouth is alredy watering

11/29/2009 20:50:41

I cant wait to taste some of the american foods

11/29/2009 23:16:30

Cant wait to try differnt foods around the world.

11/30/2009 00:14:22

Is food all you think about when you say Cultural Food Festival???

11/30/2009 11:28:16

basically, yea!

11/30/2009 11:30:53

I cant wait to see how many koreans are in hka

11/30/2009 20:31:52

I'm gonna steal some food and bring it home! If I could...
My mouth is watering already!

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