A big thank you to all of the parents who came to support our communities assembly this Friday. You can see pictures here from the presentations.

The assembly was just the start of the community and now the students have more members they need to work out how to run their community regularly. Some of the parents approached me about supporting the students more through this process. If you have connections with one of the communities that the students are trying to set up or wish to be more involved, contact me directly and I'll put you in touch with that community. Thanks to Tammy Moorefield who has volunteered to be the student council groups mentor.

How successful the communities are will depend on the students and their commitment to them. Having parents support and guide them through the process will help more of the groups to reach their goals.

Homework Schedule
You may have noticed that the homework schedule disappeared for two days. This was on purpose and I hope emphasizes to the students the importance of writing their homework diaries which they are given time to do each day.

Every student today received their personal login and password to mathletics a website that we will be using more to supplement their math curriculum. Students should have this stuck into their homework diary, and should learn both their password and their login!
Lynda Coggins
9/24/2009 05:37:59 pm

I thought the community displays at the assembly this morning were awesome. Great ideas and enthusiasm. I hope they all get up and running soon.

9/24/2009 07:37:40 pm

That was a really cool assembly and we got loads of members

9/27/2009 09:17:23 am

yeah we got like 32 members to the RPACF
but now the next question is are all of them actually willing to do this.

9/27/2009 07:43:49 pm

I think the assembly went really well, and it was sooo good that we got to join some communities 'cause I REALLY wanted to be an actor in the movie making groups movie!!!!!!!!!

9/27/2009 08:15:20 pm

I think the assembly went crazy cause my group didn't except to have 21 people sign up cause we jus needed 6 or 7 people.But otherwise I guess it went well.

Can't wait to do the Bake sale and obviosly the School Of Rock

9/28/2009 12:03:47 am

I thought that our community did pretty well we got a lot of students that wanted to joint our group (bake sale) im can't wait for our first bake sale tomorrow!!!!!!!!!

9/29/2009 05:30:23 pm

Reflection for assembly

I Think that our group did very good because people looked really interested in our group and even if we told them to look around first they still came back. I think that we had a good not great set up because every thing was over lapping each other because there is to much posters. It might be a good thing with over lapping but not every thing over lapping. This experiance will help with our future presentations because now we know WHAT people like, sometimes WHEN people can come, HOW we can advertise our group and HOW to be prepared.

9/30/2009 03:05:10 pm

Reflection for assembly

I really think that our group did very well because lots of people were very interested in the information we told them and they were so exited to hear more so they wanted to sign up so they would help animals,I really wish that I could answer lots of questions because Most of the questions that people asked was really hard to explain them really. This community is a very good one I ever did because its a good warning to people when animals are injured.So they would help them.

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