This Friday at 8.45 grade 5 will be running the assembly. We will also take this opportunity to present our new communities to the other students, enroll members and advertise events. We currently have some great ideas and this Friday is all about taking action, making these communities a reality after lots of planning and organisation. All parents are welcome! Use your homework time to get ready for your presentation.

Chinese and Conference Forms
A small reminder to bring in your order for mooncakes and the conference letter.
9/22/2009 03:51:14 pm

cool... Hope we do well

9/22/2009 04:44:17 pm

Wow, you are leaving loads of am I!

9/22/2009 04:48:04 pm

Hey... I just realized the homework thing at the top is gone ;)

9/23/2009 08:08:05 pm

good job bake sale I'm already hungry

9/23/2009 11:27:16 pm

Hope we do well tomorrow !!!

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