Buddies poster
Today we completed a Luna New Year poster that we had been working on with our buddies. Astrid and Dorothy proudly help me to show it to our buddies. The poster was created like a giant jigsaw puzzle and put together after we had coloured all of the parts in. You too can make a poster like this by visiting the web site block poster.

Performance practice
Tonight you should all be practicing for our fashion show performance on Friday. Some of you are practicing your speeches and some of you how to walk like your character. Visit the voicethread you have been invited to, to help practice your Mandarin for the performance. I have embedded the empress one below.

We're also busy working on our timelines ready for Thursday. this is your main homework this week. If you haven't done so already, decide on your intervals. When is the earliest date (when was it invented?) up to the latest date, which may even be this year. We will have 45 minutes to work on them tomorrow.

Well done to all the students who have made their reflections so far, and all of the parents. It has been great to hear how the parents think you are doing, many have been very impressed with your e-portfolios.

Tonight I want you to spend some time working on rewriting your timeline research into paragraphs.  Well done to the students who we showed as examples today and Omer who has already drawn plans of what his timeline is going to look like.  

Look at this great example from students at Arlington Traditional School and learn some internet safety along the way.
Log in to the voicethread below and add your voice speaking Mandarin,
Well done today helping your buddies create their own voicethread. They will share it with you so you can comment on it at some point next week.

We had two great independent voicethreads this week. One from Matthew about his birthday party, and a great tutorial from Leilanie who teaches people how to make a voicethread. Well done both of you!

Take a moment to read the 'Voice' post in the class blog. I mention some points about blog posting and writing that we will work on next week.

Have a great weekend!
We had a great time today seeing all the artistic endeavors of HKA students. From plays to songs to books and wall hangings we explored the different interpretations of the myths. Well done to all of the HKA staff who organised the week and our visiting artists. A slideshow will be available very soon.

The main homework this week is to continue working on the blogs. Each student must comment on one other blog each night! Well done to Scott for committing to his blog and writing regular posts. Some students are also adding some extra creative pages, well done. Just remember that any video added must be approved by myself and your parents, and you must include a reason why it is there. This reason must be thoughtful. Comments such as 'it's cool' or 'I like it' will not do.

This week you will be teaching our buddies how to make a voicethread. Make sure you know how to. Practice some of the skills that you have learnt. You can make a voicethread about something at home or something you have done recently.
When you have finished your camp blog you are ready to start your voicethread.

Go to http://hka.ed.voicethread.com to log onto your voicethread

Log in with your full name and put a full stop in between e.g. andrew.birch     The Password is the usual class password. Choose your pictures first. Make sure you use the photos in the resized folder if there is one. You can then upload all of the photos at the same time once you have put them into order. You will need to rename them into the right order e.g. 1, 2, 3

Once you created your voicethread you're going to embed it into your blog. I'll show you how to do this, but ask around some students already know how. You will also need to share it with all Grade5AB students.

I look forward to seeing your camp voicethreads!

What do you fear?


What do you fear? This was a question we asked the students today and gave them a set of fear questions to stimulate their thinking. During the activity they found out people who have the same fears as them and talked about how they can support each other. Listen to some of the comments in our new voicethread below.

    Today everybody found out which teaching group they are with and which tent they will be in. The tent groups collaborated together to create a set of tent essential agreements. They discussed important things like respecting each other in the tent and choosing their toilet partner who will help them find the toilet in the dark.
    All students should be at school tomorrow by 7.30. The bus leaves at 7.45 sharp! You need to pack your bag yourself and should be able to carry it. We will not be carrying anything for you and we have a walk once we get to the island.

    It looks like we might have a little bit of rain whilst we are there. Be prepared!

See you all tomorrow morning in the car park.