Adornment Groups


Today we worked on the adornment research for the art work. Well done to the groups who worked hard to find some of the answers to their questions. Remember to collect all locations that you find information. This should be in the form of web site addresses for online research and pictures. For pictures you should use the flickr links in our link section. These images are creative commons and mean that you can use them. Just because you can see something on the internet doesn't mean you can download it, save it and use it. Check for creative commons first!

Well done to some of the groups for making great use of their stixy area. Put all of your research there so you can share it easily between different members of your group. Your links are below.

Indian Jewelry
The Hennanas
the face
tattoo artists
Sharing Information
Today I introduced you all to a new part of the web site called stixy for sharing information.

I have set up areas for all of you to work together collaboratively when planning for your community. These pages are password protected, you will need to know your group password that you selected today to access it.

I have also set up two other areas that can be used by any partnership to collaborate in. For instance Clio and Ella have already spoken about putting their newletter article into there to work on. If you both click on save as soon as you have made a change and both keeping clicking on refresh at the same time, you will be able to see what changes the other person has done. You can each work on two notes at the same time and show each other the changes.

PC and Mac
Some of you have been asking how you can work on things at home. It does depend what it is. Pages files can be saved as Word files. Andrew and Thomas know how to do this, ask them to show you. Also if you use textedit to just write your ideas, all word processor programs can read it! You could also use one of our sharing pages to collect work at home later. Just copy and paste it in.