Today we worked on our Chi Lin Nunnery voicethread. This should be embedded into your Chi Lin Nunnery blog post. If you didn't get a chance to record your sound at school, do this at home where it is quieter.


- Remember to choose five of your own spellings and add them to the list in class so someone can test you on Friday. Think of vocabulary linked to our unit that you could choose.

Chinese Costumes
Today we chose our focus for our historical costumes. See the list below. You need to research historical Chinese clothing to help with your ideas. Email yourself pictures, or create a page on your website and put your pictures there. We will be printing these on Thursday. You may also want to draw some ideas as well to help you plan what you want to do. Any parents who want to get involved in the process should email Shane who sent an email with more information. Parents will be invited in this Thursday to discuss what we are doing and see the plan in action. If you can make it we will be looking at student designs from 1:15 until 2:05 and planning the next steps after that. Hope to see you there.