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Dress Up Day
Tomorrow is dress up day in aid of Anajali School. The theme is retro ask your parents what that means. They may even have some clothes you can borrow!

Sikh Temple Visit
Today we visited the Sikh Temple at the bottom of Stubbs road. We spent some time in the main temple and were introduced to the basics of the Sikh faith by a religious teacher. We were then treated to a tasty lunch of dal, curry, rice and a chapati. Many thanks to the very kind people at the temple for showing us around and answering our questions.

How would you spend $1,000,000?
For the next few maths lessons my math group have been given the task of deciding how they would spend $1,000,000. Sounds easy? Well before you decide on that new house, car and a holiday, there a few rules. All of the money must be spent on a project that is linked to all the items bought and nothing below $10,000 in any catergory (although that part might be easy). Students will be discussing this tonight and coming up with ideas for our lesson tomorrow.