All students should have brought their reports home today.

We would like you to do an online reflection. My example is here for you to watch. The example voicethread to teach you is here. You can also watch the how to video for the students here. You will need to log into voicethread using your child's account. They also have a pink sheet for you that has the reflection questions. Some of the students mentioned that their computers at home are do not have microphones to record sound. We would like you to set them to record sound, in the next few weeks there will be more requests to record sound at home, including their current Mandarin homework. 

You need to create an online reflection using Voicethread. The video of how to do this is here. Watch mine here for ideas. Remember your log in has changed. It is your name and your class, for example mine would be andy5ab (then press tab and it will fill in the email address for you). The password is your normal class password.

You also need to add your comment to the Mandarin Voicethread below.