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Picture Perfect


Finding Photos
There are many instances when you will want to use a picture from the internet. This week we will focus on where you can get pictures from. How you should do this and what are the rules. Some of these places have over 15 million available! It is not okay to save pictures from Google images or elsewhere without checking if you can. Just because you can see them doesn't mean you can take them. These two websites flickrstorm and compfight will help you to find the right type of creative common images.

Parents.. you need to think about how students access sites, and pictures at home and be involved in this process. All search engines and photo search sites have a 'safe search' feature. It is important that you check that this is turned on.

Who We Are
Remember to send your we are poem to me by tomorrow. Well done to Omer and Dorothy who have sent their ideas in early!

This Friday we have our assembly, remind your parents that they can come and see how you are doing with your communities. I am also looking for two volunteers to give our community introduction for Grade 5. Let me know tomorrow if you are interested!

I've started a new Links area on the website. Keep you eye on this as more and more interesting and useful websites appear each day!