All students should have brought their reports home today.

We would like you to do an online reflection. My example is here for you to watch. The example voicethread to teach you is here. You can also watch the how to video for the students here. You will need to log into voicethread using your child's account. They also have a pink sheet for you that has the reflection questions. Some of the students mentioned that their computers at home are do not have microphones to record sound. We would like you to set them to record sound, in the next few weeks there will be more requests to record sound at home, including their current Mandarin homework. 

You need to create an online reflection using Voicethread. The video of how to do this is here. Watch mine here for ideas. Remember your log in has changed. It is your name and your class, for example mine would be andy5ab (then press tab and it will fill in the email address for you). The password is your normal class password.

You also need to add your comment to the Mandarin Voicethread below.

Art Homework


Dear Parents,

The Grade 5 students have been learning a range of drawing techniques using black pen. Please ask and I am sure they will tell you about them! They have a challenge for homework! They have been given a sheet with half a man printed on it, who has been drawn using some of the techniques they have been learning. Their task is to complete the other half of the drawing. The students can use either pen or pencil. They have already identified the techniques that they can see.

The homework is challenging; I am not expecting perfection (!) just for the students to give it some time and a good effort!
The homework is due back into their classrooms on Tuesday 15 September.

I would be really grateful if you would remind your child about spending time on their homework and handing it in on time.
Many thanks for your support,
Dear Parents,

As you may have heard Grade 5 are busy planning new communities at HKA for our first unit of inquiry, How We Organize Ourselves. The students are currently forming their own communities which they will run and manage.

At the moment we are in the planning stage and your child should be discussing ideas that they and their group are having. In the future they may come home with some extra information and a letter that they write to you, to ask if they can take part in their community if it takes place outside of school time, or after school. They may also ask for you to volunteer some time. This is all of course depending on your availability, willingness to be involved, and your child's commitments during the week.

Until you receive this letter no definite plans have been made. Please ask your child to outline their ideas, help them to set realistic goals and ask them about the actual organization of their community. With your guidance and that of other school experts we hope to enable the students to successfully create and run their own communities.

It has been great to see the students so motivated during this unit and we look forward to sharing more with you as this unit progresses.

The Grade 5 Team