Your homework tonight is to work on your www.storybird.com buddy story. Your login in is your name and hkab eg. dawsonhkab and the password is our normal password. I can't write it on here, but if you don't remember it email me through first class.

For my maths class your homework is to go to the links area and have a go at some of the maths activities or use mathletics.

ISA Testing


ISA Testing
A big well done to all of the students for their great attitude towards the ISA tests over the last two days. The students undertook around 3 to 4 hours of testing and managed to stay focused and on task the whole time, and all of this with commitment! Well done! The tests are marked independently and I will let everyone know once the tests results have arrived.

Due to the tests the only homework this week is the RRJ and reading log. Also students are invited to email me with a heading and a written by for our G5 Who We Are poems that we finished today. These will be shared with our community in the next couple of days.

Websites and blogs
If you haven't had a chance to fill in the parent permission form please take a moment to fill it in here.
A big thank you to all of the parents who came to support our communities assembly this Friday. You can see pictures here from the presentations.

The assembly was just the start of the community and now the students have more members they need to work out how to run their community regularly. Some of the parents approached me about supporting the students more through this process. If you have connections with one of the communities that the students are trying to set up or wish to be more involved, contact me directly and I'll put you in touch with that community. Thanks to Tammy Moorefield who has volunteered to be the student council groups mentor.

How successful the communities are will depend on the students and their commitment to them. Having parents support and guide them through the process will help more of the groups to reach their goals.

Homework Schedule
You may have noticed that the homework schedule disappeared for two days. This was on purpose and I hope emphasizes to the students the importance of writing their homework diaries which they are given time to do each day.

Every student today received their personal login and password to mathletics a website that we will be using more to supplement their math curriculum. Students should have this stuck into their homework diary, and should learn both their password and their login!
Dear Parents and Students,
During the Back to School evening and in class today I spoke about expectations and homework. All of these you can look at by clicking on home on the top left of this page.  Please take some time to read through the presentation together this evening to make sure that you understand what is expected and when these things are due. This would be a good time to talk about the homework diary and how to organize homework time. Remember students, I will turn off the homework page every so often! You must be prepared for this by constantly filling in your homework diary. This is an important organizational skill, and I'm sure your parents can show many to do lists that they create, just like your homework diary.

Parents please take a moment to fill in the survey here.

I have also put a copy of the Communities booklet here, so parents can look at it to see what students need to do. Ask your child to bring it home this week to see what they have done. Their group should also be using the stixy site to organize these. Community groups need to know where, when and how for their community. They also need to have asked all the relevant people, like you their parents!

Well done to Oscar, Ella, Phoebe and Matthew who independently gave me their spelling books today. I hope to see the books of those not named tomorrow.

Next week we have an assembly this is when the students will be presenting their community to the school. By then they should have all of the details of their community worked out.

I hope after the meeting and presentation everybody has a clearer understanding of expectations. Homework should be for around 1 and a half hours Monday to Thursday. This includes 30 minutes of reading. If you (students or parents) have issues with homework email me or use the contact area above.

Yours sincerely,

Art Homework


Dear Parents,

The Grade 5 students have been learning a range of drawing techniques using black pen. Please ask and I am sure they will tell you about them! They have a challenge for homework! They have been given a sheet with half a man printed on it, who has been drawn using some of the techniques they have been learning. Their task is to complete the other half of the drawing. The students can use either pen or pencil. They have already identified the techniques that they can see.

The homework is challenging; I am not expecting perfection (!) just for the students to give it some time and a good effort!
The homework is due back into their classrooms on Tuesday 15 September.

I would be really grateful if you would remind your child about spending time on their homework and handing it in on time.
Many thanks for your support,



I have set you all up with a Bubbl.us brainstorming account. You can access work you are doing at school through this account, and you can also with other people at the same time to change and add to brainstorms.
Go to bubbl.us log in is your first name and hkab e.g. andrewhkab  the password is hka5AB. Be careful AB for the password is in CAPITAL LETTERS. This will be our password for a lot of different web sites. I'm sure you all remember your names, but you will have to remember the password.

We now have a log in for brainpop. I cannot put it up onto the internet as per brainpops rules. If you would like to know what the login is, ask me in class or send me an email.

Don't forget to check out what your homework is on the new homework section of the web site.
Today you were given your homework diaries. It is your responsibility to write your homework into them, especially for specialist teachers. Remember to bring your diary to school every day. You can also keep track of special events and dates in the calendar section.

Design tasks
We currently have two design tasks that you can choose to do. One is a competition for the front of the new homework diary. We will select our favourite design this Friday. You can submit as many designs as you like. You can even create them on a computer.
The second design task is to create a name sign for your cubby hole / storage box. You should make it unique, and remember it will be the first thing in the classroom that people see when they come in, and will represent you.

Summer holiday pictures
We're collecting summer holiday pictures for our first album. Email or bring them to me on a flash disk. One picture per person.

Don't forget to read the family links math letter with your parents tonight and continue with the scavenger hunt on page 3 and 4 of the maths journal.

Well done to Omer for reaching level 37!