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There will be no official homework from you teachers for the holidays. But as a life long learner you may decide to learn things yourself. Remember learning anything is about commitment, dedication, practice and hard work. If you want to get better at something or learn something new, if you have the right attitude you can!

Some students have been discussing the idea of creating a holiday blog, adding photos to their website and practicing their writing along the way. You also have access into Mathletics which is a great place to practice and learn some new maths. Don't forget all of the great resources in the links section of this website.

The book reports are due on the first Tuesday back at school and also your unit of inquiry research so we can start the essay.

Holiday time is a great opportunity to get some quality reading done. This will be something that I will do a lot of with more time. I will also be traveling and will continue my own studies by learning about the country and culture I am traveling to, and as many of you know I will also spend a lot of time studying the diverse life underwater as I scuba dive around Thailand.