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Next week
Next week I am at a special training session in Singapore to become an Apple Distinguished Educator. This is a great opportunity for me to bring some new great ideas about how to use technology in our class. Whilst I'm away I will not be blogging each day. I will add the next student blogging challenge for you. Check it out on Sunday! 

Four Square Guidelines
Grade 5 Four Square Guidelines / Rules
1. Players should have respect and good sportsmanship
2. Everybody is playing for themselves.
3. No teaming up on other people.
4. There is no insulting or laughing at someone because he either missed a shot or he is not so good at four square.
5. Take care of how hard and where you hit the ball when you have a big chance to smack it.
6. The judge should be fair. (call loudly)
7. The judges decision is final.
8. Players should not try to influence the judge.
9. The judges should call people out for teaming up on other people.

Four Square Video


In early October I filmed the students playing four square on the rooftop. I have always been impressed with how they play four square, not only their high ability but the way they all play together fairly and with determination. Here is a short video to honor a HKA tradition.