In the exhibition some groups talked about how we can cut down on our transport pollution and electricity and plastic use. You all have a good understanding of that but remember taking action to reduce, reuse or recycle is what we were aiming for. One consequence of our dependence on oil is possible major pollution problems like the one that is happening in the Gulf of Mexico at the moment. With modern technology we can actually  see the leak one mile under the sea.
We're one week away from the exhibition. Think about what you have done and what you need to do. Write a blog post about this. Here are some questions to guide you.

What have you done for your exhibition group so far?
What do you still have to do?
Do you have any concerns about the exhibition?
Is there an area of the exhibition you are really proud of?
What will somebody learn when they come to your presentation next week?
Just before our holiday begins it is time to reflect on the exhibition process and see where we are at so far. Ideas have changed, been refined and begun to change into solutions. For your homework you need to write a blog post about your exhibition problem and group. Think about what your problem is, why you think it is important, what ideas you have for solutions and what you might do next. These can be ideas you are going to use and some that you might not. Include them all in your blog post they may help other people think of new ideas too.
Your homework tonight will be to write a reflection of the exhibition process so far.
Think about these questions when you write your blog post:

1. What are your thoughts about your exhibition problem?
2. Explain your ideas in as much detail as possible. Include thoughts about why your problem is important to you, how you may solve it, what trips you could go on.
3. How will your group work together? What are your own expectations of what people should do, act?
4. Do you have any concerns about the exhibition? What do you hope to improve?

Tomorrow is our literacy assembly, don't forget to dress up like your favourite book character.
It was great to see so many parents today at our exhibition information session. The presentations that we used are available here and you can keep track of everything that is happening with the process of the exhibition on the wiki.

All of the students should be visiting the wiki and looking at the group lists and thinking about their problems. I have spoken to many of you about why we have not  accepted your group by making it green. Think carefully for tomorrow and have a second problem just in case!

Central Idea


Well done for creating some good central ideas today. Your homework is to read the central ideas on the wiki and decide how you may adapt or change one to make a new one that takes into account the discussion that we had today. Blog about your central idea and if you can add it to our wiki.
Go the blue dragons!

Tomorrow is sports day. We will be dressing up in blue and our chant is available from your voicethread accounts. Well done to the group who set that up today! You must bring a packed lunch, water bottle, sun hat and sun tan cream. We will leave school in the morning but we will not be coming back in the afternoon. You don't need to bring anything too school apart from what I mentioned above. The spelling test will be next Monday, and next week there will be no spelling test. We will use that time to work on our blogs and stories.

Scribes and the exhibition
If you have been a scribe visit the notes that you took and look at them for any spelling errors. You can also ask someone else to help you do that too! The process page from today is under its date the 4th of March.
Today we looked at the ideas for the exhibition again. This time we had to look at whether they were S.M.A.R.T or not. We also began the process of selecting our ideas for further study. Each student has to only choose three and we removed the ideas that were not voted for. You can see this process in the presentation below and the progress through the slides.

5AB are encouraged to write a blog post over the next two days that helps them to reflect on their choices and add detail. Remember to work with the S.M.A.R.T. framework. Is your idea Specific? Measurable? Actionable? Relevant? Time-bound? You should also be thinking about any ideas for solutions you may have had. These may be things to write about in your blog and add further research to.

If you haven't done so already you should create an exhibition page in your website to help you keep track of resources you may collect. You should also link to our exhibition wiki. Well done today for some great discussions, lots of food for thought! Take some time to digest it in your blog :-)
Today we started the grade 5 exhibition. We have our very own exhibition wiki where we are coordinating everything that goes on. You can see today's lesson under March 1st on the process page and see what we mean by S.M.A.R.T. ideas. We will have a special meeting for parents on the 11th of March, keep your diaries free.

Both Shane and I were very impressed with the in depth thinking the students brought to analyzing their ideas and deciding on problems that we could focus on.