Field Trips
You should find an email from Shane about the two field trips next week. Please take a moment to read it.

Students have been working very hard on their essays. The essay is supposed to be two pages long, double lines, but we are flexible with how long it is. The first checked draft is due on Monday. You can email me it over the weekend if you want me to check it. I should have time to check them, but don't expect them back straight away.

History Fair
Today we went to the middle school history fair to  find out more about many apsects of history. I have attached some photos below.

Have a great weekend!

This week your main homework is writing the compare and contrast essay. Each night you should spend at least 20 minutes writing. Your first draft needs to be completed by Friday. You also have time over the next two days in class, but you will find it difficult to finish in time if you don't work on it at home. Be independent, set yourself a goal!

Book review
Well done to the students who presented their book reviews today. We had movies, posters and glogs. I have posted the rubric here that we used. There is also an advanced rubric here that you can choose to be marked on for your next book review. It is up to you which one you choose!

You may see a chat room appear some nights. A link will appear on the front of the website. I am spending extra time on my computer in the evenings working on my masters course and at this time I will open up a chat room for you to use. Please take a moment to look at the rules before entering. The password is our normal password.