We spent some time today talking about the organisation of our web sites that are our E-portfolios. You should spend some time uploading and linking to content that you have created digitally. Read the list below. I have also updated the draft essay links, look there for yours.

Draft and final essay 'How We Express Ourselves'
Photo of stixy from communities 'How We Organise Ourselves'
Photo of stixy from adornment research 'How We Express Ourselves'
Photo of stixy from religion research 'How We Express Ourselves'
Community work such as posters, titles, glogs, handouts and brochures 'How We Organise Ourselves'
How we learn video from voicethread 'Who We Are'
Music sound files - grade 4 and 5
Chinese Voicethread (new page under subjects)
Link in UOI pages to blog posts about those UOI's