When you have finished your camp blog you are ready to start your voicethread.

Go to http://hka.ed.voicethread.com to log onto your voicethread

Log in with your full name and put a full stop in between e.g. andrew.birch     The Password is the usual class password. Choose your pictures first. Make sure you use the photos in the resized folder if there is one. You can then upload all of the photos at the same time once you have put them into order. You will need to rename them into the right order e.g. 1, 2, 3

Once you created your voicethread you're going to embed it into your blog. I'll show you how to do this, but ask around some students already know how. You will also need to share it with all Grade5AB students.

I look forward to seeing your camp voicethreads!
Well done Sidhonie
Welcome back everybody after what I hope was a good holiday. Don't forget to be working on your camping blog post. You can also write a blog post about your holiday and include a photo or two. Well done to Sidhonie who not only posted her camp blog the day after camp finished one week ago, but has also written a post about her holiday, great stuff Sidhonie, you will be getting a profile star for being reflective!

Camp Photos
You will be able to take a copy of the camp photos from tomorrow. If you want a copy of all the photos on your memory stick to search through at home you will need around 1Gb of space.

This week we are focusing on two new areas. the first we started today was reading comprehension. Each week we will focus on a short extract from a book with our group. The second part is group and shared reading. Mored details tomorrow. Don't forget to bring in your reading books for tomorrow!ere and start typing, or drag in elements from the top bar.

Blogtastic Chinese


Well done to Ella who has written some great blogs about the last few days at school, you can read the posts here. All of you should write a blog post about your parent teacher student conference.

Ding Lao Shi has also joined in blogging and is setting up her own website to help her students learn Chinese. You can see her first posts her at her website http://meischineseclassroom.weebly.com/.

Don't forget to pack your things this weekend! It looks like it might rain whilst we are at camp, so be prepared. It is worth taking some plastic bags to put your web things in. In the evening it might even be a bit cold. I will be taking a beanie and a jumper to stay warm. If you have any questions read the packing letter then email me. We will be talking more about camp on Monday.

Here is a fun website for the weekend
Enjoy :-)

Camp Presentation


Grade 5 Camp

Today we had a great presentation from Asia Pacific Adventures giving us lots of details about the camp. There will be many challenges for you on the camp, including a traverse, hiking, orienteering, abseiling and camping!

Please make sure that your parents have returned the camping form back to us. The deadline is next Monday.

Remember you are not allowed to bring your mobile phones, jewelry, or any ipods or electronic devices such as PSP's. If you're not sure what you can bring ask me.

Don't wear jeans, crocs, flip flops, sandals. You will need two pairs of trainers. One that will stay dry, and one pair that you can get wet.

You should bring long sleeve tops and trousers. It will get cool in the evenings and there are mosquitoes.  You will need to bring a hat. No hat, no play!

Read the packing list you have been given. You should also take responsibility for your own belongings and pack your own bag before you go.

It is recommended that you don't bring your good digital camera. You can buy a disposable camera, and all of your teachers have digital cameras and will be taking lots of photos and they'll be available on the web site and you can take a copy away on your USB drives after the October break.

Charity Store
A big well done to the charity store community who ran their first store today for grade 1 and K5. They raised over 100 HKD! More details soon in the newsletter.

Bake Sale
A HUGE well done to the bake sake group who have added up the money from their first bake sale, and they made over 1400 HKD! It was highly popular and I know lots of teachers who are looking forward to the next one :-)

The other communities should be following their plans and looking at what they have to do next. Including who they should contact and how they can get started. There will be more time at the end of the day tomorrow to talk as a group.