We visited our buddies habitat museum today. Each member of K5JS had made their own habitat that they described to their grade 5AB buddy. The 5AB students did a great job asking their buddies about their knowledge and inquiring about what they thought about different aspects of the habitat. Well done to K5JS for some great work and 5AB for the great questions.
Today we continued focusing on our timelines. Students were working independently, finishing up research, preparing work to print and creating their timelines. The picture below shows some of the activities that were going on.
Well done today helping your buddies create their own voicethread. They will share it with you so you can comment on it at some point next week.

We had two great independent voicethreads this week. One from Matthew about his birthday party, and a great tutorial from Leilanie who teaches people how to make a voicethread. Well done both of you!

Take a moment to read the 'Voice' post in the class blog. I mention some points about blog posting and writing that we will work on next week.

Have a great weekend!
Today we discussed the notion of respect and what it means within different settings. Take some time tonight to discuss respect with your parents.

Buddy Blog
Tonight write about your buddy times. How do you feel they are going? What ideas do you have for buddy time? What is a positive comment about your buddy? What may you need to work on with your buddy? Do you remember having a buddy when you were young? You could write about any connections you may have. Remember to finish your storybird book, you will be sharing these with your buddies on Friday! Visit www.storybird.com. Your log in is your name with hkab on the ned. The password is the same as always.

Bag of Beliefs / Values blog
Your homework tomorrow is to write a blog post about the bag of beliefs that you presented. You should discuss what you presented and what they mean to you. You can also write about what other students presented. What were the similarities and differences that you observed? Any interesting things that you found out? You could write this today and have no UOI homework tomorrow.