Buddies poster
Today we completed a Luna New Year poster that we had been working on with our buddies. Astrid and Dorothy proudly help me to show it to our buddies. The poster was created like a giant jigsaw puzzle and put together after we had coloured all of the parts in. You too can make a poster like this by visiting the web site block poster.

Performance practice
Tonight you should all be practicing for our fashion show performance on Friday. Some of you are practicing your speeches and some of you how to walk like your character. Visit the voicethread you have been invited to, to help practice your Mandarin for the performance. I have embedded the empress one below.

We're also busy working on our timelines ready for Thursday. this is your main homework this week. If you haven't done so already, decide on your intervals. When is the earliest date (when was it invented?) up to the latest date, which may even be this year. We will have 45 minutes to work on them tomorrow.