We had a great time today seeing all the artistic endeavors of HKA students. From plays to songs to books and wall hangings we explored the different interpretations of the myths. Well done to all of the HKA staff who organised the week and our visiting artists. A slideshow will be available very soon.

The main homework this week is to continue working on the blogs. Each student must comment on one other blog each night! Well done to Scott for committing to his blog and writing regular posts. Some students are also adding some extra creative pages, well done. Just remember that any video added must be approved by myself and your parents, and you must include a reason why it is there. This reason must be thoughtful. Comments such as 'it's cool' or 'I like it' will not do.

This week you will be teaching our buddies how to make a voicethread. Make sure you know how to. Practice some of the skills that you have learnt. You can make a voicethread about something at home or something you have done recently.
The rainbow serpent has finally risen from the depths of the art tables and now graces the ceiling of the art room. The full 12m will be unveiled officially on Monday during the final AIR day. Remember to dress up as your favourite artist! You can see extra links in the links section.

Parents are welcome to join us as we tour the different areas from 10.20 until 11.45 on Monday and view the assembly from 9.00 until 10.00.

Belief / Values Bag
Next Tuesday you will be presenting your belief / value bags. You saw four different belief / value  bags from your teachers today. Your bag should have no more than five items.

Well done to Daksha and Omer for already posting their AIR day 4 blog posts! The third and final AIR video is available below.  Remember to visit blogs and leave comments. Check in the gallery for the embed codes for the video and day 4 for your gallery blogs.

AIR Video Number 2


AIR blog post no. 3
Tonight you need to write your third blog post about AIR. Include a photo. You can take a photo from the gallery and include it into your blog.

AIR video
I'm testing a new video system that we may use later in the year. You can see a quick AIR video that I created below.

We talked about beliefs, values and religions in class today. You should discuss the concept of beliefs and values with your parents and ask them what their beliefs are. What are your beliefs? Read the central and idea again below and use these when discussing beliefs with your parents.

Central Idea

Beliefs and values are conveyed in different ways.

An inquiry Into:
  • Comparision of cultures and religions (connection)
  • The ways that beliefs and values play a part in defining cultures/religions  (function)
  • Ways we represent cultural beliefs and identity (perspective)
The last two days the students have been busy working with Miguel an artist from Spain who is helping them develop a 3D serpent based on the myth 'The Rainbow Serpent'. Pictures from the two days can be found in our gallery section. You can read about the first day in our student blog above. All the students are working on their day two blog entry for homework and need to comment on each others blogs tonight. I have been very impressed with the writing that they managed to do about the AIR in 15 minutes yesterday, it is well worht reading, as is their camp blogs!