Candidate Director Interview -
Today Grade 5 had the opportunity to interview a potential candidate for the role of Director here at HKA. The students asked some great questions such as:
  • Which of the learner profiles do you think are most important?
  • What are the best characteristics for a director?
  • Will you be committed to our school for a period of at least four years?
  • Do you like Chinese food?
The students responded with very favorable comments about the candidate Stephen Dare after he left. We hope that we also have the opportunity to interview any other candidates and compare them.

Students should be visiting one blog every night to leave a comment. They should also post a comment today about the interview with the candidate.

11/16/2009 20:23:28

I think he is really nice, and he would be a great director because he said he is allready a director in some other places so, cause he allready has experience of being a director. He was also very funny and caring to other things like the rainbow class.

11/16/2009 21:42:12

Did the dorector go well?

Ithink he will be a great director as he is funny nice and he has the experiance of being a director! Steven Dare if you are reading this I say GRRRRRRAAAAAAA! LOL!!!!!

11/17/2009 18:16:02

I think the director is SUPER AWESOME and very funny, and he has answers nearly every question! I think he's a good guy to get the job!

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