When you have finished your camp blog you are ready to start your voicethread.

Go to http://hka.ed.voicethread.com to log onto your voicethread

Log in with your full name and put a full stop in between e.g. andrew.birch     The Password is the usual class password. Choose your pictures first. Make sure you use the photos in the resized folder if there is one. You can then upload all of the photos at the same time once you have put them into order. You will need to rename them into the right order e.g. 1, 2, 3

Once you created your voicethread you're going to embed it into your blog. I'll show you how to do this, but ask around some students already know how. You will also need to share it with all Grade5AB students.

I look forward to seeing your camp voicethreads!
11/9/2009 06:50:44 am

Voicethread dosn't really like me because I ussually can't work out how to do things.

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