I have set you all up with a Bubbl.us brainstorming account. You can access work you are doing at school through this account, and you can also with other people at the same time to change and add to brainstorms.
Go to bubbl.us log in is your first name and hkab e.g. andrewhkab  the password is hka5AB. Be careful AB for the password is in CAPITAL LETTERS. This will be our password for a lot of different web sites. I'm sure you all remember your names, but you will have to remember the password.

We now have a log in for brainpop. I cannot put it up onto the internet as per brainpops rules. If you would like to know what the login is, ask me in class or send me an email.

Don't forget to check out what your homework is on the new homework section of the web site.
8/24/2009 02:41:52 pm

Thanks for the note!

8/24/2009 02:42:37 pm

you are... awesome! thanks for the log in stuff for bubble.us!

clio and Daksha
8/24/2009 02:43:10 pm

awesome blog

8/24/2009 02:43:32 pm

Thanx for all the stuff

8/24/2009 02:43:55 pm


8/30/2009 09:24:55 pm

I think bubble.us is a great way of brainstorming

astrid(the coolest girl of the world)
9/5/2009 11:15:48 am

bubble.us is an easyer way of brainstorming.
cause you have more space and some
people type faster than they write.
you just finish quiker.

Dorothy (even cooler girl of the word;)
9/8/2009 07:32:13 pm

I prefer writing on paper because I write quicker on paper

9/8/2009 08:23:24 pm

If you work better writing on paper, then you should choose to do that from now on. Choose the tool that works best for you!

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