Brainstorming and Poetry -
It's nearly the end of the week and time to finish up some of the activities. The communities brainstorm is due tomorrow. Well done to those of you who took home supplies to help you finish it on time. I hope to see the rest of your finished on

I Am Poem
Your I Am Poem is due on Monday. You should type it at home and bring it in on Monday on any format. You can also email it to me. We will be changing the format and creating special pages for them then.

Name The Dog
Tonight is the last time to name the dog if you haven't already. We will choose the name tomorrow after breaktime!!

Speed Test no. 1
The speed test is available in Lesson Ideas for you to test yourself on at home.

There is a new hidden game on the web site. It'll help you with your speed test.
9/1/2009 01:08:21

these i am poems were awesome

9/1/2009 23:18:30

I kind of liked the i am poems

9/5/2009 14:20:59

i loved doing the i am poems.
to bad its over now.

9/8/2009 22:28:26

I loved doing the I am poems. Can we do another 1 some time?

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