Blogging Challenge -

Blogging Challenge


Here are the activities that the 2009 bloggers did.
What will the challenges involve? Below is a list of what students had the chance to do in ten weeks last year:

Write blog posts:

  • why did you  join the challenge
  • write a post for BAD on climate change
  • favourite interests
  • favourite holidays or countries to visit
  • storytelling using images
  • how to write a post that invites comments
  • favourite blogs you visit
  • Edublogger competition post
  • what did you learn from other bloggers
  • about a positive digital footprint
  • a challenge post for the international student blog

  • count three out activity
  • own commenting guidelines
  • comparing comments
  • replying to comments
  • commenting habits after eight weeks of the challenge
  • visit posts from overseas students and classes to leave comments
  • visit Lonely Planet blog to leave comments on a post
Non written posts:

  • comic
  • quiz
  • poll
  • images only
  • using embed code for links in comments and widgets
Blog presentation:

  • create avatar
  • about page
  • translation widget
  • weather widget
  • create blogroll
  • add badges
  • clustrmap
  • using tags and categories

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