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This morning the Grade 5 students worked on their blog guidelines. We looked at many different examples, of guidelines, rules, acceptable use policies and successful blogging strategies. The students shared ideas collaboratively and came up with group lists. These were then used to select the guidelines that you see below. Please take a moment to read these, both parents and students as these will need to be agreed upon before we start our blogging.

Grade 5 Blog: Guidelines

Tell the truth.
No personal information.
Be careful what you write.
Do not post things you will regret.
Be respectful to other people and to their opinions.

Grade 5 Blog: Things To Think About

Have I made good choices?
Did I think about this before I posted it?
Could I hurt someone with this post?
Is what I’ve posted copyrighted material?
Have I included textual references that support my opinion in my post?
Have I checked my post for correct spelling, grammar and punctuation?

We also used the video above to think about what happens when we post our information. This is from the adcouncil New York.
10/10/2009 06:14:39 pm

These rules and guidlines are realy good

10/10/2009 08:55:34 pm

i think we'll do really good with our websites!

10/11/2009 08:08:13 pm

I can't wait 'till we make our websites!!!

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