Art Homework Agreements -
This week many of you did not give in your art homework on time. As a class you spent time with Ms. Rachel creating a set of homework agreements that you would all follow. Here is a letter from Ms. Rachel for you to read and think about.

Dear Students,
Art Homework Agreements by Grade 5

IMPORTANT: Please remember the discussion we had about homework and how essential it is to art lessons, when it is given.

You all agreed that it makes sense to give art homework when it is relevant to your current learning and not to just give you something to do every week whether relevant or not.

You all agreed, therefore, that when you did get homework, it was a very fair expectation that you would put time and effort into it and make sure that it was the same standard, as you would do in the art lesson.

You all agreed that you would all hand your work in on time.

Therefore, I can expect good quality work that you have clearly spent time on, which is completed and handed in on time.

Thank you, I think these agreements will help to ensure you are all really well planned and prepared for lessons.

Ms. Rachel

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