Art Homework


Dear Parents,

The Grade 5 students have been learning a range of drawing techniques using black pen. Please ask and I am sure they will tell you about them! They have a challenge for homework! They have been given a sheet with half a man printed on it, who has been drawn using some of the techniques they have been learning. Their task is to complete the other half of the drawing. The students can use either pen or pencil. They have already identified the techniques that they can see.

The homework is challenging; I am not expecting perfection (!) just for the students to give it some time and a good effort!
The homework is due back into their classrooms on Tuesday 15 September.

I would be really grateful if you would remind your child about spending time on their homework and handing it in on time.
Many thanks for your support,
9/11/2009 09:08:59 pm

that wasnt easy

9/12/2009 10:22:07 pm

wow that was hard!!

9/13/2009 06:57:01 pm

The homework was hard but I also think it was fun :)

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