Food Glorious Food!


Tomorrow is our cultural food festival. I'm looking forward to you all dressed up in your national costumes and sampling some of the tasty food. From yesterdays comments it sounds like lots of you are too! I hope you take the opportunity to help your parents prepare how to make the food and learn something about your own culture.

Book reviews
Today we spoke about your book reviews. Here are the guidelines.
You have one week from the completion date of the book.
You may complete it as a team, individually or in pairs

You must include
Some form of review
A brief synopsis of the story (via a blurb or within the cartoon)

Choice No. 1 - Create a poster
By hand

Choice No. 2 - Create a cartoon of the book.
By hand
Comic Life

Choice No. 3 - Bookcast
A bookcast is a movie trailer-like audio review of a book.
Food Festival
This Wednesday is the HKA cultural food festival. Everything gets underway with a parade at 9.45 in the HS gym. We hope to see students dressed in clothes representing their country.

Sikh Temple Visit



Adornment Groups


Today we worked on the adornment research for the art work. Well done to the groups who worked hard to find some of the answers to their questions. Remember to collect all locations that you find information. This should be in the form of web site addresses for online research and pictures. For pictures you should use the flickr links in our link section. These images are creative commons and mean that you can use them. Just because you can see something on the internet doesn't mean you can download it, save it and use it. Check for creative commons first!

Well done to some of the groups for making great use of their stixy area. Put all of your research there so you can share it easily between different members of your group. Your links are below.

Indian Jewelry
The Hennanas
the face
tattoo artists
Dress Up Day
Tomorrow is dress up day in aid of Anajali School. The theme is retro ask your parents what that means. They may even have some clothes you can borrow!

Sikh Temple Visit
Today we visited the Sikh Temple at the bottom of Stubbs road. We spent some time in the main temple and were introduced to the basics of the Sikh faith by a religious teacher. We were then treated to a tasty lunch of dal, curry, rice and a chapati. Many thanks to the very kind people at the temple for showing us around and answering our questions.

How would you spend $1,000,000?
For the next few maths lessons my math group have been given the task of deciding how they would spend $1,000,000. Sounds easy? Well before you decide on that new house, car and a holiday, there a few rules. All of the money must be spent on a project that is linked to all the items bought and nothing below $10,000 in any catergory (although that part might be easy). Students will be discussing this tonight and coming up with ideas for our lesson tomorrow.
Art Lesson
Today we had a double lesson focusing on art and our unit I Believe with Ms Rachel visiting the Grade 5 classrooms. We spent time looking at different types of adornment and selected a type of adornment to focus on and research. Each group has a stixy area to coordinate their group research. We will get together on Friday to research in our groups. By Friday you should have answered at least two questions. You should keep all information in your stixy site which you can get to through Lesson Ideas above.

Any photos that you use should also have a note attached to them with their location. You must record where you collect your resources from.

Today write a blog post about this lesson and include the questions that you have.

Sikh Temple
Tomorrow we are visiting the Sikh temple. You will need to bring something to cover your hair. If you haven't done so please make sure you give Sally your 20 HKD in the morning.
Bryn looks at different adornment photos
Well done to Alice and Ellen who have already added all this information to their stixy site.

Director Interview


Director Interview
Today Grade 5 interviewed the second director candidate Grant Millard. The students asked the same questions as last week and after Mr Millard had gone discussed the merits of both candidates. An informal poll of the students put Mr Dare slightly ahead in votes, but both candidates were considered strong candidates by Grade 5.

Each Tuesday students get into groups to undertake a comprehension exercise. Each group set themselves a target that they have to achieve by next Tuesday. This is now a regular homework and on the schedule.
Today we visited a Hindu Temple in Happy Valley as part of our How We Express Ourselves unit. We spent some time in the temple as people prayed and learnt about their rituals. We also listened to the chief priest Pandit Hiroo Sharma as he described important parts of the Hindu faith. Read the class blog for a post about our visit by Phoebe.