Four Square Video


In early October I filmed the students playing four square on the rooftop. I have always been impressed with how they play four square, not only their high ability but the way they all play together fairly and with determination. Here is a short video to honor a HKA tradition.

What do you fear?


What do you fear? This was a question we asked the students today and gave them a set of fear questions to stimulate their thinking. During the activity they found out people who have the same fears as them and talked about how they can support each other. Listen to some of the comments in our new voicethread below.

    Today everybody found out which teaching group they are with and which tent they will be in. The tent groups collaborated together to create a set of tent essential agreements. They discussed important things like respecting each other in the tent and choosing their toilet partner who will help them find the toilet in the dark.
    All students should be at school tomorrow by 7.30. The bus leaves at 7.45 sharp! You need to pack your bag yourself and should be able to carry it. We will not be carrying anything for you and we have a walk once we get to the island.

    It looks like we might have a little bit of rain whilst we are there. Be prepared!

See you all tomorrow morning in the car park.

Comment on Camp!


Below is a voicethread. We're going to use this more after the holiday. Add a comment below..You can edit your account and add in a picture by visiting the website below. There are lots of example videos to watch.

Blogtastic Chinese


Well done to Ella who has written some great blogs about the last few days at school, you can read the posts here. All of you should write a blog post about your parent teacher student conference.

Ding Lao Shi has also joined in blogging and is setting up her own website to help her students learn Chinese. You can see her first posts her at her website

Don't forget to pack your things this weekend! It looks like it might rain whilst we are at camp, so be prepared. It is worth taking some plastic bags to put your web things in. In the evening it might even be a bit cold. I will be taking a beanie and a jumper to stay warm. If you have any questions read the packing letter then email me. We will be talking more about camp on Monday.

Here is a fun website for the weekend
Enjoy :-)

It was great to see everybody at the parent teacher conferences. One area that was discussed was reading and how to select appropriate books. I have added a new section in links about reading and also included the book list we use at HKA. Happy reading!

Make a Movie


Here is a great movie website that you could use to experiment with. You could create a short film to advertise your blog, advertise your community or even tell a story. Have a go making a short film and host it onto your blog.

When you have finished making the film make sure you keep the details. Then we can put it into your blog if you don't know how.

The student websites and blogs are now active. They are located under home on the class website. Student websites are all named in a similar way e.g. astrid's website is

Each website is the students name with hkab added onto it followed by

Students should access them through

All websites are protected by our class password. Each website has the same password to access it and students have chosen their own private password to be able to make changes. Please keep the class password safe and don't share it with anyone outside of the HKA community or your family.

Students will be focusing on the blogs to begin with, but will be developing their own website and can add pages and try out new ideas. Some students are even embedding the class newsletter into their website.

It is possible to keep track of changes to a blog by rss feeds. As a parent this will help you to keep an eye on what is happening on your child's blog without needing to visit the website. This is also how I am keeping track of them.

I have posted the blog / website guidelines that grade 5 developed below. Please take a moment to read them.

Grade 5 Blog: Guidelines

Tell the truth.
No personal information.
Be careful what you write.
Do not post things you will regret.
Be respectful to other people and to their opinions.

Grade 5 Blog: Things To Think About

Have I made good choices?
Did I think about this before I posted it?
Could I hurt someone with this post?
Is what Iíve posted copyrighted material?
Have I included textual references that support my opinion in my post?
Have I checked my post for correct spelling, grammar and punctuation?

Blogs Information


Log into your student weebly account here at

You can see the address of your website here.
Dear Parents,
I'm looking forward to seeing you all on Wednesday and Thursday. Please take a moment to fill in a brief conference questionnaire form here.

Tomorrow morning the blogs will be turned on for all Grade 5AB students. The blogs will actually be hosted within the students own website that they will be creating whilst they are in Grade 5. The website is run on the same platform that this website is. I'm looking forward to what is produced! Keep your eye on the front page for quick links to all student sites. The password will be emailed out along with our guidelines to all parents and students tomorrow.
We also used the video above to think about what happens when we post our information. This is from the adcouncil New York.