Today the bake sale community took action and held their own bake sale. Well done to the members! Click here to see how they did.
Who We Are
This week we will be changing to our new unit, Who We Are. During this unit students will be looking at their learning styles, multiple intelligences, setting themselves goals and teaching lessons! This is a great unit that allows students to explore many different areas of learning and gain more of an understanding into how they and others learn. The spellings this week are all linked to the new unit and you will find some of them harder than usual. Take time to look at them and use a dictionary if needed!

5AB Beach Party

This Wednesday (weather permitting) there will be a class beach party, kindly organised by Lynda Coggins. Full details are below. Hope to see you there!

When?    4pm to 7pm Wednesday 30th September
What?    Volleyball, team scavenger hunt and pizza (more details below)
Who?    G5AB students, parents and teachers
Where?    Repulse Bay beach - the far right side as you look out to sea
Why?    To have some fun

I've been busy adding lots of websites to the links section. There are some great new maths games focusing on decimals, multiplications and a link to lots of math videos. Have a go at number cop tonight!
A big thank you to all of the parents who came to support our communities assembly this Friday. You can see pictures here from the presentations.

The assembly was just the start of the community and now the students have more members they need to work out how to run their community regularly. Some of the parents approached me about supporting the students more through this process. If you have connections with one of the communities that the students are trying to set up or wish to be more involved, contact me directly and I'll put you in touch with that community. Thanks to Tammy Moorefield who has volunteered to be the student council groups mentor.

How successful the communities are will depend on the students and their commitment to them. Having parents support and guide them through the process will help more of the groups to reach their goals.

Homework Schedule
You may have noticed that the homework schedule disappeared for two days. This was on purpose and I hope emphasizes to the students the importance of writing their homework diaries which they are given time to do each day.

Every student today received their personal login and password to mathletics a website that we will be using more to supplement their math curriculum. Students should have this stuck into their homework diary, and should learn both their password and their login!

Casual Dress Day


This Friday we had our second casual dress day. Money collected will be donated  to support Crossroads Foundation here in Hong Kong. Feel free to check out their website for more information about the work they do here in HK - providing resources for those in need.

Get ready for next month - COSTUME DAY will be on October 23rd!
This Friday at 8.45 grade 5 will be running the assembly. We will also take this opportunity to present our new communities to the other students, enroll members and advertise events. We currently have some great ideas and this Friday is all about taking action, making these communities a reality after lots of planning and organisation. All parents are welcome! Use your homework time to get ready for your presentation.

Chinese and Conference Forms
A small reminder to bring in your order for mooncakes and the conference letter.

Picture Perfect


Finding Photos
There are many instances when you will want to use a picture from the internet. This week we will focus on where you can get pictures from. How you should do this and what are the rules. Some of these places have over 15 million available! It is not okay to save pictures from Google images or elsewhere without checking if you can. Just because you can see them doesn't mean you can take them. These two websites flickrstorm and compfight will help you to find the right type of creative common images.

Parents.. you need to think about how students access sites, and pictures at home and be involved in this process. All search engines and photo search sites have a 'safe search' feature. It is important that you check that this is turned on.

Who We Are
Remember to send your we are poem to me by tomorrow. Well done to Omer and Dorothy who have sent their ideas in early!

This Friday we have our assembly, remind your parents that they can come and see how you are doing with your communities. I am also looking for two volunteers to give our community introduction for Grade 5. Let me know tomorrow if you are interested!

I've started a new Links area on the website. Keep you eye on this as more and more interesting and useful websites appear each day!

Who We Are?


So who are we as a community? Who are the grade 5AB students and what do they wonder, try, think and more? Using the I am poem sheet create a who we are poem for our class. We had some good examples today from the groups, the first of which is available here, well done to Phoebe and Andrew. Use the I am poem sheet here to start you off and don't forget the guidelines on the home page, not to mention the learner profile!

Who we are poems are due on Tuesday morning and need to be electronic! Email them to me if you would like to. Format does not matter, just electronic!

The other groups need to email me their poems and I will include on this site for us all to look at.

Also well done to Emma today, for her commitment towards her learning and the speed sheet. Emma I will be giving you a profile star for your hard work. Well done!
Dear Parents and Students,
During the Back to School evening and in class today I spoke about expectations and homework. All of these you can look at by clicking on home on the top left of this page.  Please take some time to read through the presentation together this evening to make sure that you understand what is expected and when these things are due. This would be a good time to talk about the homework diary and how to organize homework time. Remember students, I will turn off the homework page every so often! You must be prepared for this by constantly filling in your homework diary. This is an important organizational skill, and I'm sure your parents can show many to do lists that they create, just like your homework diary.

Parents please take a moment to fill in the survey here.

I have also put a copy of the Communities booklet here, so parents can look at it to see what students need to do. Ask your child to bring it home this week to see what they have done. Their group should also be using the stixy site to organize these. Community groups need to know where, when and how for their community. They also need to have asked all the relevant people, like you their parents!

Well done to Oscar, Ella, Phoebe and Matthew who independently gave me their spelling books today. I hope to see the books of those not named tomorrow.

Next week we have an assembly this is when the students will be presenting their community to the school. By then they should have all of the details of their community worked out.

I hope after the meeting and presentation everybody has a clearer understanding of expectations. Homework should be for around 1 and a half hours Monday to Thursday. This includes 30 minutes of reading. If you (students or parents) have issues with homework email me or use the contact area above.

Yours sincerely,

Well done to Dominique who has found a great maths website to help him with his maths. You too can visit the website softschools here. Dominique says 'I find maths hard, but this website is helping me to improve, and I use it almost every day.' I think that is deserving of a profile star. Dominique chose risk-taker for trying something he finds difficult.

Typhoon Koppu


Last night was my very first Typhoon in Hong Kong, although we were almost 200 km away from Typhoon Koppu at it's closest it was possible to feel the incredible power of the storm here. As the map below shows we were still potentially going to have a lot of rain around 9.00 this morning, but it missed Hong Kong Island. You can still watch the animated maps here to track the rain clouds. Or look at more information here from the Hong Kong Observatory.
This is a good opportunity for you to do an extra spelling activity found in the front of your spelling book. I will collect them tomorrow morning. You need to do one of these each evening.

I left my spellings at school, could someone send me a copy of the spelling list via contact or first class and I will put them up onto the web site as soon as I can.

You could also get somethings done for your community. You can work on your stixyboard here.

To help you talk with others I have opened a chat feature for a short time on the website, look above for chat. You must change your name to your first name when you enter the chat room. The chat room is protected by a password. This is our normal class password that we use for other sites such as

I mentioned yesterday about taking photos of things that you see happening in and around Hong Kong. Here are mine from last nights storm.