DJ the Dog!


We are now the proud parents of a classroom dog called DJ. After an intensive day of debating and voting, a consensus was finally reached and the dog became DJ.

Also well done to Omer for his classroom diary front cover design that was selected by the other students to grace the front cover of all the homework diaries. There were some creative and colourful designs which showed the effort the students had put into them.

Today I asked you to write as many different words as you could about the IB learner profile. I combined all of your words and created a word cloud. You can see the results below. Have a good weekend!
Wordle: IB learner profile brainstorm
It's nearly the end of the week and time to finish up some of the activities. The communities brainstorm is due tomorrow. Well done to those of you who took home supplies to help you finish it on time. I hope to see the rest of your finished on

I Am Poem
Your I Am Poem is due on Monday. You should type it at home and bring it in on Monday on any format. You can also email it to me. We will be changing the format and creating special pages for them then.

Name The Dog
Tonight is the last time to name the dog if you haven't already. We will choose the name tomorrow after breaktime!!

Speed Test no. 1
The speed test is available in Lesson Ideas for you to test yourself on at home.

There is a new hidden game on the web site. It'll help you with your speed test.


I have set you all up with a brainstorming account. You can access work you are doing at school through this account, and you can also with other people at the same time to change and add to brainstorms.
Go to log in is your first name and hkab e.g. andrewhkab  the password is hka5AB. Be careful AB for the password is in CAPITAL LETTERS. This will be our password for a lot of different web sites. I'm sure you all remember your names, but you will have to remember the password.

We now have a log in for brainpop. I cannot put it up onto the internet as per brainpops rules. If you would like to know what the login is, ask me in class or send me an email.

Don't forget to check out what your homework is on the new homework section of the web site.
Today you were given your homework diaries. It is your responsibility to write your homework into them, especially for specialist teachers. Remember to bring your diary to school every day. You can also keep track of special events and dates in the calendar section.

Design tasks
We currently have two design tasks that you can choose to do. One is a competition for the front of the new homework diary. We will select our favourite design this Friday. You can submit as many designs as you like. You can even create them on a computer.
The second design task is to create a name sign for your cubby hole / storage box. You should make it unique, and remember it will be the first thing in the classroom that people see when they come in, and will represent you.

Summer holiday pictures
We're collecting summer holiday pictures for our first album. Email or bring them to me on a flash disk. One picture per person.

Don't forget to read the family links math letter with your parents tonight and continue with the scavenger hunt on page 3 and 4 of the maths journal.

Well done to Omer for reaching level 37!

First Friday


The first two days went by very quickly, but I have been impressed with the positive attitudes everyone has brought to the class. If you haven't finished the student survey you can fill it in at home, or I can give you time next week.

We also need to name our class dog. Click on the link on the top right to name it. You only get three choices!! We will choose it next week. We can either draw the name from a hat or choose our favourite name as a class, it's up to you.

There is a hidden game in this website today. It is there, you just have to look for it. It will be a blue link called 'hidden game'. I will introduce you to some games this year that will engage your mind and help you to solve puzzles. Remember not to spend too long on the computer though, you should have a balanced lifestyle!! If you want to submit your highest level to the leader board you will have to take a picture of your screen and email it to me.

Don't forget your instruments on Monday!

Have a great weekend!

Andy's profile


Well done everyone for a very positive first day. I hope you take some time tonight to share your expectation for Grade 5 with your parents. Today I asked you to choose three profiles from the IB learner profile that best described you. The three profiles that best describe me are, inquirer, principled and open-minded. I enjoy finding out new things, especially relating to technology and all the new great tools on the internet that are called web 2.0 tools. I believe that I live my life according to the principle of equality and fairness and I hope that you all find that I am fair in class. I also enjoy traveling and living overseas and exploring different cultures and their people, I think it's hard to live overseas without being open-minded.
Tomorrow you will be asked to set three goals. We already looked at a goal during the orientation, but tomorrow we look at a personal goal, a school goal and a future goal (this may be what you want to be when you are older). Have a think about these ready for tomorrow.
If you have time tonight, how about testing your grammar. Are you a grammar ninja. Click here to find out.
It was great to meet all of you today both students and parents. I am very excited about joining HKA and look forward to the year ahead and the learning journey that I undertake with all of the students. This website will be a place where lots of information is given and if you have a question in the future about something happening in the class it is best to check here first. Just a note on the schedule. At the moment it is only in draft form. I still have to confirm a library time and one other thing. Once I can confirm all of the times all students will have a copy to bring home, and to put into their communication diaries which they will be getting soon.
If you have any questions please use the contact form above or email me at my hka email address.
Once again it was great to meet everybody and I look forward to the year ahead.