End of the year


Well done to the Grade 5 students for graduating today! It has been a great year and I hope you all enjoy the E-portfolios, photos, radioshows and videos that you will take away with you to help you remember Grade 5AB. It has been a pleasure teaching all of you and I wish you all the best for your future. Remember to keep dreaming, but that dreams take hard work and commitment, something that I have seen all of you do this year. Work hard and you can achieve anything!

You can always stay in touch with me via this website, I enjoy hearing from old students and hearing how they are doing. If you set up your own blog lets us know. I will be starting a special link place on this website to old 5AB students who run their own blogs or websites. Remember appropriate use and stay safe online.

Many thanks to the class parents! You have all been very supportive and it has been great having your support for some of our larger projects such as the Chinese Clothing which I could not have done without your help. I wish you all the best as you help your son or daughter to grow and reach their full potential.

Have a great holiday!

- You stayed up late doing homework and forgot something. Do you?
a. Make an excuse
b. Do it on the bus
c. Do it in advisory
d. Tell the truth

What would you do? What should you do?

These are some of the questions asked by the Grade 6 students during their transition activities. The Grade 5 students visited the Grade 6 students today to learn more about what happens in Grade 6 and meet some of their middles school peers for next year.
Group Transition Activities
Transition Quiz