In the exhibition some groups talked about how we can cut down on our transport pollution and electricity and plastic use. You all have a good understanding of that but remember taking action to reduce, reuse or recycle is what we were aiming for. One consequence of our dependence on oil is possible major pollution problems like the one that is happening in the Gulf of Mexico at the moment. With modern technology we can actually  see the leak one mile under the sea.
Next week we will be recording our radio shows. Today we looked at how to apply different effects to create a more 'spacey' set of effects. Here is a video to help you learn more.
Reading / Sharing
Next week we will have two extra reading sessions to share our books. The first will be on Monday and the second will on Friday.

Radio Shows


Today we started creating our radio shows. Your main homework is to be working on the sound effects that you want to use. You can also create original musical compositions to be the background music for your show.

We also have lots of other projects that need to be finished up:
1. Exhibition Reflections
2. Exhibition iMovies
3. Adding photos from the exhibition to your blog
4. Visit the student blogging challenge, time to nominate
5. Final website /eportfolios choices (we will be burning your eportfolios in 2 weeks, then you won't be able to make any changes)

Home Science


Want to try some cool experiments at home? Here are some you can try. Remember always get your parents permission first and ask an adult for help!

Bill Nye

Bang goes The Theory
Here are the links to the space documentary we were watching today. You should also read the Judy Blume and body chnages books. The pages can be found on the homework link above.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8
Part 9
Part 10
Part 11

NGC, Journey to the Ends of The Universe
Dear Parents,
today I took some time to review and explain the process of course selections available to your grade 5 students as they prepare for grade 6. Students 'should' , then, come home with a nice 'orange' hard copy version of the attachment above tonight.
While we do try to give students a little choice when they enter the middle school, this is within the parameters of the MYP, and should very much be a family decision.

I believe that the attached letter does outline the option choices adequately, and hopefully, your children had some additional questions answered this morning. Should you have any further questions please feel free to contact me, or Mr McKinney/Mr Birch to clarify requirements.

Ultimately, 6 choices need to be made - numbered 1 (most preferred) through to 6 (least preferred) out of the 8 options shown. While students can do a maximum of 4, we ask you to highlight 6 choices so that, should we have scheduling clashes with choices, or inadequate numbers to run a course, we can look to your child's next option.

Please ensure that all course choice forms are passed back in to Grade 5 teachers by no later than Wednesday 26th May. The individual schedules for students, teachers and classes take considerable time to work out, so we ask that you adhere to this timeframe.

Exhibition Reflection:


Reflect on the Exhibition Presentation that your group did in the gym last week.


You will need at least:


  • 3 pictures, with captions
  • 1 movie, with a short description
  • 3 paragraphs:
    • 1 about what your group did well during the presentation
    • 1 about what you did well as an individual during the presentation
    • 1 about what you could do better next time you have a project like this

We will come up with some questions that will help guide your reflection. BRAINSTORM.


After you have done the above, post it on your blog and Make a movie


Choose a computer that will have your video on. Using the movies and photos you can create your own movie:


  • You will need to add in a voice over
  • You will need to use the Ken Burns effect
  • You should include a full title and credit list (get together with a partner to talk about what should be included in your title and credit list)
  • Any music must be creative commons music. Here is a great website



Well done to everyone who took part in our exhibition. Check out the exhibition blog

Exhibition Blog


Today we started the final week of the exhibition. Each day students are blogging about the process and we're adding pictures, videos and reflections. Visit the exhibition blog at

Student Survey


We have been requested to help the school collect information about you. Here is a link to a survey that you need to fill in.