Grade 5 have been requested to fill in this special survey. Please take a moment in the next few days to fill it in. All students will need to do it.
Create word clouds in shapes and patterns at
Part 1
This week you should write a blog with tips for new bloggers.
  • How can they successfully blog?
  • What is a good blog post?
  • What is a good blog subject to write about?
  • When they write what should they focus on? Think about the 6traits of writing.
  • What are good blogs that they can read?
Part 2
Visit these blogs and leave a comment.
You should also visit three blogs on your blogroll and leave comments.

Hi all,

I'm out sick at the moment, I have a fever that won't go away much like many of you have had as well. Below is a timetable for the day.
You are going to write a blog post about your conference.
Consider these following things that we brainstormed.

Write about what you need to improve on why.
What happened in the conference.
Strengths and weaknesses.
What were your parents' inquiries / asking about.
What you told your parents.
What you agreed that you would do / what action you would take / what you would change.
Your parents goals to help you.
How do you think your conference went and why.
What were your parents interested in.
How much your parents / teachers thought you had improved.
Anything you wish you could change.

Remember this is a reflection not a journal post.

Exhibition T-shirt


Parents and students,

We have placed an order for t-shirts for our upcoming G5 exhibition. The students took place in an online t-shirt design contest, with Darcy Eliot receiving the most votes. Congratulations Darcy.

The t-shirts will be here before the exhibition so that the students can wear them that week. We are also providing t-shirts for each group's mentor.

We are asking that each child bring in HK$100 by the end of this week to help offset the costs of these shirts.


Shane McKinney



Dear Parents,

Welcome back from the break. The next few weeks are a busy time, here is a brief summary of what is happening. You can also keep up to date with everything that happens in 5AB by reading the daily blog posts at the link below.

Parent Teacher Conferences
Next week is the parent teacher conference. I hope that you have received the form with your conference time on it. If you haven't email me for confirmation. Please take a moment to fill in the survey, many thanks to those of you who have done so already.

Even though we call these parent teacher conferences it is expected that the students do attend the conference time. They will be sharing some work with you and discussing their progress and goals.

Grade 5 are very busy working on the exhibition. You can stay up to date with the process here.

The students are busy working on their action. They should be able to tell you how they hope to solve their problem by taking action. They also have a wiki that you can visit to see how they are doing. It is expected that the students work on their exhibition each night. They are independently setting themselves what they need to do, and at the moment there is a lot to do!

The students should be working on their mathletics each week and follow the homework that is set on the homework timetables. Twenty minutes of math homework is set each night. Homework is available here:

For the next four weeks all reading and spellings are part of the exhibition. Students are building vocabulary pages on their wiki's to help them learn new words, and working hard reading lots of information to help their understanding.

Body Changes
On the 27th of April we will be continuing our focus on body changes. Each Tuesday we will be discussing issues that are raised from the books the students will be reading. Each student will be given a book at the parent teacher conference next week. The books we will be reading are:
On Your Mark, Get Set, Grow ! - Lynda Madaras
Ready, Set, Grow! - Lynda Madaras
Then Again, Maybe I won't - Juay Blume
Are You There God? It's Me. MArgaret - Judy Blume

Date for your diary:
Exhibition evening
13th May at HKA

Read the student blogs here:
Many of the students are currently taking part in a world wide blogging challenge and getting visitors from all over the world. Visit their blogs and add a comment to support them.

I look forward to seeing you all next week.



Grade 5 Teacher
Hong Kong Academy
[ ]
Dear Parents,

I look forward to meeting you next week to discuss your child's progress. To help facilitate this meeting and to make sure I answer all your questions, I have created a questionnaire that I would appreciate you filling in by Friday. The questionnaire is online and can be found here.
Many thanks,

Welcome Back


Welcome back after the Easter break. We are now into a busy time of year. We have the exhibition quickly approaching us and student, parent teacher conferences next week. All parents should have received a letter from the youngest sibling today with the times of the conferences next Tuesday or Wednesday.

I will be sending out a parent questionnaire tomorrow, please take a moment to fill it in.

I wanted to share a great holiday experience that I had. As all my students know I am a very keen scuba diver. I have been diving all over Asia and one of my dreams has been to dive with a whaleshark. This holiday that dream came true when I met a whaleshark at Tubbataha in The Philippines on a five day scuba diving trip. I have logged the sighting with the whaleshark website and hopefully I will have more information about the actual shark that I saw soon. Here is the video I took underwater.
Update: Here is a video I created of my holiday at Tubbataha

Happy Holidays


Have a good holiday over the next week. I look forward to reading about all of your adventures on your blogs and seeing some great photos. Many of you are also going to be looking for ways that you can find primary research to help with your exhibition projects, you can collect photos and interview people who may be able to help. If you want to continue with your maths you can log into mathletics from anywhere and I have heard many of you talking about continuing writing your stories. I look forward to reading the next chapters.

Be safe, be sensible and enjoy yourselves :-)