This week many of you did not give in your art homework on time. As a class you spent time with Ms. Rachel creating a set of homework agreements that you would all follow. Here is a letter from Ms. Rachel for you to read and think about.

Dear Students,
Art Homework Agreements by Grade 5

IMPORTANT: Please remember the discussion we had about homework and how essential it is to art lessons, when it is given.

You all agreed that it makes sense to give art homework when it is relevant to your current learning and not to just give you something to do every week whether relevant or not.

You all agreed, therefore, that when you did get homework, it was a very fair expectation that you would put time and effort into it and make sure that it was the same standard, as you would do in the art lesson.

You all agreed that you would all hand your work in on time.

Therefore, I can expect good quality work that you have clearly spent time on, which is completed and handed in on time.

Thank you, I think these agreements will help to ensure you are all really well planned and prepared for lessons.

Ms. Rachel
It's amazing what a single person can make with some time, an idea, creativity and determination to continue with the project. He started the project at high school. He wanted to make the best model and started by creating the Golden Gate bridge at 17. He then continued adding pieces and hasn't stopped since.

Movie Star


It is possible to do some amazing things on the internet. You can even star in a film. As promised, create your own film here. This film is actually an advert for paying the Swedish tv license.
Just before our holiday begins it is time to reflect on the exhibition process and see where we are at so far. Ideas have changed, been refined and begun to change into solutions. For your homework you need to write a blog post about your exhibition problem and group. Think about what your problem is, why you think it is important, what ideas you have for solutions and what you might do next. These can be ideas you are going to use and some that you might not. Include them all in your blog post they may help other people think of new ideas too.

ADE poem


This week I'm at an ADE conference in Singapore. During the conference I started writing a poem as one of our activities. I decided that I would ask 5AB to help on the Monday morning. Matthew and Ella were very helpful and recorded their voices for my poem.  A BIG thanks to them. Here is the final version. There is an extra bonus film further below.
The team I was in also created this video about digital portfolios.
The fourth student blogging challenge is available to read here.

This is directly from the website. Consider what you are going to do this week.
So again this week, a wide variety of activities to choose from either as a blogger, commenter or class.
  • Research and write a post including links and images on one of those special days.
  • Join in Earth Hour and write a post about what your family did during that hour.
  • Write a post about activities your family could do while the lights are out for that hour.
  • What do you do at school or at home to help protect the environment?
  • Write a comic strip as a hero wanting to save some aspect of the environment.
  • If 13 or older and with parental permission, create a text to movie at xtranormal about the environment.
  • Your worries regarding the environment – what can you do as a student?
  • Create an animoto about the environment – maybe you worry about the polar bears.  Find images from links on this post.
  • Write a post about an environmental field trip you went on, maybe to the rubbish dump or cleaning up a creek etc.
  • Visit these posts from last year to leave a comment: Priscila from Argentina, Ashley from USA, Abbey from USA, CourtneyHailey from USA from USA,
The challenge last year for Earth Hour can be found here.
Next week
Next week I am at a special training session in Singapore to become an Apple Distinguished Educator. This is a great opportunity for me to bring some new great ideas about how to use technology in our class. Whilst I'm away I will not be blogging each day. I will add the next student blogging challenge for you. Check it out on Sunday! 

Four Square Guidelines
Grade 5 Four Square Guidelines / Rules
1. Players should have respect and good sportsmanship
2. Everybody is playing for themselves.
3. No teaming up on other people.
4. There is no insulting or laughing at someone because he either missed a shot or he is not so good at four square.
5. Take care of how hard and where you hit the ball when you have a big chance to smack it.
6. The judge should be fair. (call loudly)
7. The judges decision is final.
8. Players should not try to influence the judge.
9. The judges should call people out for teaming up on other people.
Your homework tonight will be to write a reflection of the exhibition process so far.
Think about these questions when you write your blog post:

1. What are your thoughts about your exhibition problem?
2. Explain your ideas in as much detail as possible. Include thoughts about why your problem is important to you, how you may solve it, what trips you could go on.
3. How will your group work together? What are your own expectations of what people should do, act?
4. Do you have any concerns about the exhibition? What do you hope to improve?

Tomorrow is our literacy assembly, don't forget to dress up like your favourite book character.
The third blogging challenge has now started. Visit the page for more details.

This week's challenge is tell us more about where you live. This can also be where you are from for us since we all come from so many different places. You should also add pictures and more! Perhaps a google map to show the actual location. Visit the blog now!

It was great to see so many parents today at our exhibition information session. The presentations that we used are available here and you can keep track of everything that is happening with the process of the exhibition on the wiki.

All of the students should be visiting the wiki and looking at the group lists and thinking about their problems. I have spoken to many of you about why we have not  accepted your group by making it green. Think carefully for tomorrow and have a second problem just in case!