Today we started the grade 5 exhibition. We have our very own exhibition wiki where we are coordinating everything that goes on. You can see today's lesson under March 1st on the process page and see what we mean by S.M.A.R.T. ideas. We will have a special meeting for parents on the 11th of March, keep your diaries free.

Both Shane and I were very impressed with the in depth thinking the students brought to analyzing their ideas and deciding on problems that we could focus on.



These spellings all come from our S.M.A.R.T. check list for the exhibition.
Today I asked everyone to make a decision about their story and how much time and energy they wanted to commit to their stories. This was different for each student and depended how they felt their story was going. I was very impressed with how much commitment the students are going to put towards their essays. Some students even want to write their essays for the next few weeks and months. I will be trying to edit as much as possible along with Sally, remember to ask us often.

Visit the essays today. They can all be viewed in students new story blog areas. Well done to those who are part of the

Well done and good luck to all of the students who have decided to enter the student blogging challenge against students from all over the world. More details can be found here in the dedicated SBC page. The challenge will start soon and I'll keep you updated as we go along. Our class blog has also been entered in the class challenge. The password for the blogs will be disabled during this competition to allow access by other students who are taking part in the competition. Remember to follow our blogging guidelines when commenting on their blogs.

Everybody is busy working on their stories. There are some very interesting introductions that really catch the readers attention. Keep writing and editing! Well done to everyone helping out editing via the blogs.

Homework Update


Dear Parents,

At this point during the year I would like to remind you of the homework commitments that the students have in 5AB each week. This will help us all support the students and make sure we are on the same page.

Up to date homework assignments can be found on the class web site at

I understand that the students have very busy lives and often have other commitments outside of school that may hamper their ability to do their homework. Please email me if this happens or better still ask your son or daughter to email me. If you need any further details about homework please email me.


Reading Group
All through the week.
Each student is a member of a reading group. They meet on Tuesdays and Fridays and set their own reading assignments each week.

It is expected that students read each day. They should also submit 3 entries in their reading log to me every Friday. These can be from their reading group book.

Reading Response Journal
This is dues once a week. The due day can be found on the class homework schedule.

This homework is daily and details of the current assignments can be found on the class websites. If students have 'no' maths homework they are expected to work on matheletics.

Each Monday 5 spellings are given out to the students. They then have to choose 5 spellings of their own. Spelling sentences using each of the 10 spelling words are due on Tuesday.
Two extra spelling activities should take place between Tuesday and Friday. Details can be found in the front of the students spelling books.
The spelling test takes place each Friday.

Each student is member of a comprehension group. They meet on Tuesday and Thursday and set themselves homework depending on what their activity entails. Usually this means they will have homework on those nights.

This is ongoing and depends on the students commitment and class activities. Many students will be taking part in the student blogging challenge against students from around the world. More details can be found here
I have been very impressed by the students commitment to their blogs and have recently read some great holiday blogs. Please support the students in their blogging by reading what they are writing and adding comments.

This changes with each unit and from next week students will be working on the exhibition.
We are currently are working on a story writing assignment.

This will be updated through the class websites.

Read the blog
I try to update the class blog daily with further details of homework assignments and other things that are happening in 5AB. I also add extra detail for parents to help you follow what is going on in the class.



The spellings this week are all linked to our upcoming exhibition.

Enjoy your holidays! I leave you with some fantastic pictures of the Chinese historical costumes that the students made and showed off at the fashion show today during the Chinese New Year assembly. We'll have a video ready after the break. Well done to grade 5! Click on a picture for a close up and to see the full picture.

Fashion Show


The big day is almost upon us. We had a few practices of the fashion show on the stage today and the students did great. A big well done to all of the students for learning their lines. Come dressed in your Chinese clothes for the assembly and bring your P.E. clothes in a back pack. There will be a snack before we go and the afternoon will be as normal.

See you all for the LNY assembly at 10:00!

Blogging Challenge


Here are the activities that the 2009 bloggers did.
What will the challenges involve? Below is a list of what students had the chance to do in ten weeks last year:

Write blog posts:

  • why did you  join the challenge
  • write a post for BAD on climate change
  • favourite interests
  • favourite holidays or countries to visit
  • storytelling using images
  • how to write a post that invites comments
  • favourite blogs you visit
  • Edublogger competition post
  • what did you learn from other bloggers
  • about a positive digital footprint
  • a challenge post for the international student blog

  • count three out activity
  • own commenting guidelines
  • comparing comments
  • replying to comments
  • commenting habits after eight weeks of the challenge
  • visit posts from overseas students and classes to leave comments
  • visit Lonely Planet blog to leave comments on a post
Non written posts:

  • comic
  • quiz
  • poll
  • images only
  • using embed code for links in comments and widgets
Blog presentation:

  • create avatar
  • about page
  • translation widget
  • weather widget
  • create blogroll
  • add badges
  • clustrmap
  • using tags and categories
We visited our buddies habitat museum today. Each member of K5JS had made their own habitat that they described to their grade 5AB buddy. The 5AB students did a great job asking their buddies about their knowledge and inquiring about what they thought about different aspects of the habitat. Well done to K5JS for some great work and 5AB for the great questions.
Today we continued focusing on our timelines. Students were working independently, finishing up research, preparing work to print and creating their timelines. The picture below shows some of the activities that were going on.